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Sahasrara Chakra - Crown Center

Unity of Brahman is when knower, knowledge, and object become one

Meditation Practice on the Sahasrāra Chakra

  • Sit in a comfortable meditation pose and concentrate on the crown of the head. Practice your own Mantra or use the Mantra OM.
  • You are within your own space, in Chidākāsha. This room of your inner space is filled with beautiful colours. There is a window in the ceiling of the room through which a bright light penetrates. Observe this light.
  • Visualise a glass tube about 1½ metres in front of you. In this tube is a plant with eight buds along its stalk. The plant has red roots located at the level of the Mūlādhāra Chakra. The other buds correspond to the other Chakras and the top bud is at the site of the Sahasrāra Chakra. Observe how each bud slowly opens and how the unfolding of each blossom awakens certain feelings in you. Feel the elemental powers that are connected with each Chakra – earth with the Mūlādhāra Chakra, water with the Svādhishthāna Chakra, fire with the Manipūra Chakra, air with the Anāhata Chakra, and space with the Vishuddhi Chakra. Be aware of the Guru Tattva in the Āgyā Chakra and Amrita in the Bindu Chakra. Be conscious of the symbols and qualities of each Chakra.
  • Observe how Prāna Shakti rises from the roots up to the 1000-petalled Lotus. With each round of breathing the petals of the Lotus continue to open. As soon as it is completely open you see at its centre a glistening pearl or diamond that sparkles in the light. Bring your attention to this.

Meditation Practices for Awakening the Inner Sound

In meditation we can undertake a journey into our inner cosmos. At this time it is best not to have any particular concepts or expectations, but simply relax and with a fully alert consciousness be a witness of oneself.

With the help of certain Yoga techniques (Kriyās), taught by spiritual Masters, we hear sounds that become more and more subtle. We are able to perceive the heartbeat, the circulation of blood, and even the brain currents. There are ten types of vibrations to be differentiated, which ultimately become so subtle that we can really only perceive them as light. These illuminating experiences are, however, still not the highest level. In deep contemplation we finally experience the form of the Supreme in the “original sound” – NĀDA RŪPA PARABRAHMA.

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