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Paramhans Swāmī Mādhavānanda

GurujiPARAMHANS SWĀMĪ MĀDHAVĀNANDA was the spiritual successor of Srī Mahāprabhujī, and in his homeland of India and throughout the whole world was revered by the disciples of “Yoga in Daily Life’ as their spiritual Grand Master, and is lovingly called “Holy Gurujī”.

Paramhans Swāmī Mādhavānanda lived at Mahāprabhujī’s side for more than twenty years and wrote down his Satsangs and Bhajans. We must be thankful to him that Mahāprabhujī’s wonderful songs and enlightening words have been preserved. He was also the author of the biographies of Srī Mahāprabhujī and Srī Devpurījī that appear under the title of “Lila Amrit”.

Paramhans Swāmī Mādhavānanda founded several ashrams in Rajasthan and Gujarat, which are today spiritual centres much visited by disciples from home and abroad. In the book “Lila Amrit” he describes the function of an Ashram and the duty of a Swāmī:

“The Ashram of a Swāmī is a type of hospital, and the Swāmī is the doctor who treats the diseases of passion, anger, acquisitiveness, greed, hate, jealousy, worries and complexes. The Ashram is a school for the spirit and the Swāmī is the teacher. He teaches human Dharma, spiritual realisation and knowledge of the Self.

The ashram is a spiritual court of justice, and the Swāmī is the judge. He assesses the truth and untruth in the life of each person who comes to him. He sees the law of Karma clearly and indicates the path by which one is able to escape from the prison of life and death.

The Ashram is not an ordinary place. It is a centre of spiritual liberation.

It is a great mistake that most people consider the science of spirituality of lesser value than medical or technical achievements, for in reality it is more important by far. The spiritual doctor opens the inner eye so that one can see God. He opens the inner ears so that God’s voice can be heard. He bestows strong arms and legs to our faith so that it is capable of climbing to the summit of Supreme Consciousness. He cures many diseases of the soul, and sometimes also the body, that no one else is able to heal. The spiritual engineer levels the road that connects the individual with the Cosmic Self. He erects the bridge of truth across the broad river of ignorance. With inspiring words the Swāmī can raise the minds of men and enable them to fly to God. With his spiritual powers he is able to see past, present and future and travel to any part of the Universe.”

Inspired by the grace and divine mercy of his Master, Paramhans Swāmī Mādhavānanda tried to help people wherever he could. He also involved himself in social work and was committed to the preservation of the ethical values of Vedic culture and religion (Sanātana Dharma). He spread the message of Mahāprabhujī through the whole of India and worked for the wellbeing of the entire world through prayer and meditation.

On the 31st October 2003, Paramhans Sri Swami Madhavananda attained Mahasamadhi. He was laid to rest at Om Vishwa Deep Gurukul Maheshwarananda Ashram, Village Jadan, District Pali, according to the Sannyasin tradition. More than 50,000 devotess paid their respects throughout the traditional period of mourning in the presence of thousands of Sadhus, Sannyasins and His Holiness Shankaracharya Ji of Sumeru Peeth.

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