Lectures on the Chakras
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Yoga principles

Yoga makes it possible for every human to discover the real purpose of life and their own true nature.

Through Yoga we are able to awaken these inner power centres and make them accessible.


The Animal Centres

The energy centres in the feet and legs are known as Pashuchakras , lower or “animal” Chakras. The entire area from the toes to the hips contains the “animal” spheres of consciousness – a state of consciousness at a lower level of development than the human genus.

As we have been born in a human body one would think that all animal tendencies have been eliminated and left behind. However, this is only partially true; our kinship to the animal kingdom is closer than many people like to admit. In the embryonic period of development humans go through the same phases as animals, and even show short-term external characteristics of fish, reptiles and amphibians. Certainly these attributes recede, but the progression of growth within the womb clearly indicates that the remnants of these evolutionary stages still exist in our genetic makeup, and are stored within our DNA. Furthermore they exert an influence on our consciousness and our psyche.

These legacies of animal consciousness lie in the lower Chakras.

This is why we strongly advise against exercises that concentrate on the feet and legs, as the energy produced by the lower Chakras pulls the mind down to a primitive level - though this is not immediately noticeable. Initially one may become conscious of pleasant feelings, an increase in vitality, strength and self-esteem, but the on-going consequences of such practices hold great danger. In extreme cases they can lead to very severe depression, mental confusion and a loss of sensitivity. The compulsiveness within us gains the upper hand and arouses destructive emotions such as passion, fury and aggression. Long term, the capacity for human understanding and empathy is lost by focussing on the lower Chakras.

Nevertheless, the lower parts of the body and the energy centres should not be totally disregarded. Every part of the body is necessary and valuable. To be a “complete” person we need a “complete” body, the upper as well as the lower limbs. The feet are faithful helpers. They do not shy away from the dust in the streets and take us everywhere our steps lead. As with all other parts of our body we should also pay them due respect and attention.

We know from the Bible that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper, and it is also recounted in the Indian heroic epic, the Mahābhārata, how Lord Krishna performed the same service for Mahārishi Vyāsa. These acts of service remind us that God descended to this earth to help us purify the lower Chakras and thus erase the last remnants of animal tendencies and baser instincts. When we keep our feet “pure” the lower Chakras also remain pure.

So how do we “purify our feet”? We purify our feet by consciously steering our steps towards holy places and spiritual society, as well as to those places where our help is needed.

There is a wise old saying:

“God gave you feet to enable you to steer your steps towards His temple and towards the good.
He bestowed upon you hands not only to take, but primarily to give.
For good words and prayer He furnished you with a tongue.
Ears he presented to you to enable you to hear the truth and calls for help from your neighbours,
And eyes to delight in the beauty of the world that He has created.”

To remove Karmas and keep the Chakras pure, direct your first steps in the morning towards your altar and ask for God’s protection and guidance during the day. And close your day with Satsang, a reading from the Holy Scriptures, prayer and meditation. When your mind is oriented towards God in such a way at the beginning and end of the day, your mind is filled with loving and spiritual feelings and thoughts and your daily work is successful and meaningful in every respect.

Each one of our senses has a function that is pleasing to God; but God also gave us free will and so therefore the decision and responsibility for what we do with His gifts lies entirely with us.