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Manipura Chakra - Navel center

Yoga principles

Yoga makes it possible for every human to discover the real purpose of life and their own true nature. Through Yoga we are able to awaken these inner power centres and make them accessible. 


The Three Forces of Destiny

During our lifetime we occasionally suffer from unfortunate circumstances, accidents and illnesses that appear to strike us by chance through no fault of our own. These are, in fact, caused by cosmic influences that can throw us off-balance physically, psychically or spiritually.

Although it may appear so to us, these influences are by no means accidental as they follow the universal law of Karma just like everything else in life. Therefore the cause is always in our own mental attitude, our own actions, words and thoughts, from this life or from earlier lives. Generally we do not have bad intentions, but unfortunately, and all too often, the way we act is due to a lack of knowledge and awareness. And so, just as poison still has an effect upon us even when we take it unknowingly, the unconscious violations of the cosmic law will sooner or later also react upon us painfully.

There are three forces of destiny that influence our development from birth:



ADHIBHAUTIKA are the various disturbances from the external world that stem from nature or living beings. To this belong influences from heat, cold, noise, natural phenomenon such as floods, whirlwinds and earthquakes, as well as attacks by wild animals, violent people, etc.

ADHIDAIVIKA are disturbing influences from astral forces and beings. For example, these can be the cause of sudden accidents, psychic disturbances, fears and depression.

ADHYĀTMIKA are influences from the vibrational plane of the TATTVAS (the elements). Amongst other things, these are able to trigger off physical illnesses or mental disturbances.

We are able to lessen the disturbances from ADHIBHAUTIKA through certain precautions, such as protective walls, padlocks, bolts, etc. However, these measures are ineffective against the forces of ADHIDAIVIKA and ADHYĀTMIKA. We can only protect ourselves against these through prayer, mantra and SHATSAMPATTI – the six treasures.

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