sri Alakhpuriji

Srī Alakh Purījī

In the Himalayas between the pilgrimage places of Kedarnath and Badrinath (Himachal Pradesh) lies the Siddha Dhūni, or Siddha Dham Ashram. At times SRĪ ALAKH PURĪJĪ stays here with some disciples. He is one of the great Siddhas, or Rishis, from Satya Loka – the highest level of truth and reality.

The seven Rishis, protectors of the world, are sometimes visible on the earth, but mostly invisible. Their age is unknown to us, but they have lived for thousands of years and are capable of rejuvenating their bodies and changing their form at will, as they stand above the laws of the physical world. The existence of these great Masters and Saints is an invaluable blessing for all of us. Their prayers and meditations form a counterpart to the numerous destructive tendencies and influences in the world. They stand by humanity helping it to gradually realise God and manifest the Divine vision of Universal Love on earth.

Srī Devpurijī is one of these great Avatārs in the succession of Srī Alakh Purījī, as was also the legendary Babajī from whom the lineage of Paramhans Yogānanda stems.

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