Lectures on the Chakras
Agya chakra symbol


May this book show the way to the Supreme Consciousness for all spiritual seekers.

The Path of Kundalini Yoga

Most people are still far away from realisation. In this book I have described the path to the Self, however, I would like to recommend to readers not to perform the practices and techniques immediately, but to first read the entire book carefully and repeatedly. This allows a deeper understanding of the significance, function and effects of the individual Chakras to be gained.

The path of Kundalinī Yoga should only be commenced under the instruction and guidance of a Realised Master (where possible), because otherwise one can easily go astray. The instruction of the Master happens through the Mantra given to the disciple as well as through Yoga techniques and Kriyās.

A prerequisite for reaching the goal is a firm decision to follow the spiritual path lifelong, to be patient and persevere with the daily practice, to have faith in the Master, and to trust in the path you have begun. The Master offers spiritual power, direction and assistance, but it is our own individual endeavour that will bring the words of the Master to realisation.

For everything that we would like to do in life there are three things to consider. First, we need to ascertain our present starting point and accept this; second, we should be clear about the goal we want to reach; and, third, we must decide on a path that will lead us to this goal.

Once the goal has been decided upon one does not think of the effort required for the journey ahead. With patience and concentration all difficulties are overcome and one reaches the chosen goal.

Though it is important to be clear about your goal, this fact doesn’t mean that you have already reached it. This can be a fatal mistake. Some people think: “I believe in God and have found my personal God, therefore I have reached my goal.” This conclusion is false. It means that we have recognised the goal intellectually, not that it has been realised in our consciousness. When the latter is the case we experience realisation; and then we are no longer the same person as before. We have gone through many experiences and have matured through them. And the goal has also changed and turned out to be far more magnificent than we could ever have imagined.

When singers practise a song, inwardly they have a vision of how it should sound. They work hard training and polishing their singing until the song matches the vision, or excels it. It is the same with a painter, writer, sculptor or architect. At first only the idea or vision exists in the mind. A long, tiring creative process is required until a work of art is produced from it, manifesting the inner blueprint.

Obstacles and setbacks belong to every path. They are the trials that we have to go through. Some grow with the difficulties and become stronger, others begin to doubt and give up. Only those who stand firm like a rock in the breakers of life will realise their goal.

Recognise your goal and work with determination and concentration towards it. One day you will come to the end of the path and immerse yourself in the Infinite. When you have reached the goal you will recognise how wonderfully and perfectly God has arranged everything. By then you will have developed so many inner powers and willpower that the difficulties and obstacles that once loomed up huge and mighty like mountains, now look like minute grains of sand that you can brush away with a flick of your hand.

Mahāprabhuji once said:

“True art is to pull an elephant through the eye of a needle”.

One day the puffed-up “elephant” of our ego will become so small that it can be pulled through the eye of a needle without resistance. This is precisely the task that we need to accomplish.

Our life can be compared to a river that flows between two shores. On one shore we find suffering, pain and disappointment, and on the other happiness, joy and harmony. But generally we flounder helplessly in the waves of existence and are tossed from one shore to the other by our destiny. The Master is the bridge that raises us above the course of our destiny and leads us from the shore of sorrow to the shore of bliss.

With the love and blessing of Gurudeva

Mahāmandaleshwar Paramhans Swāmī Maheshwarānanda