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Agya Chakra - Eyebrow Center

Wisdom is the light of liberation, ignorance is the darkness of suffering

Meditation on the Āgyā Chakra

  • Sit in Vajrāsana (on the heels). Inhaling raise your arms above your head. Exhaling bend the upper body forward, keeping the arms outstretched, until the abdomen lies on the thighs, and the forehead and arms lie on the floor (Shashankāsana).
  • Place the thumbs at the centre of the forehead where the Āgyā Chakra is located. Form a fist with the fingers.
  • Close your eyes and relax. Be aware of the process of breathing. Imagine that you are inhaling and exhaling through the Āgyā Chakra. Perhaps you see a stream of light flashing. Allow the energy to flow through the Āgyā Chakra – and relax.
  • Remain in this position for as long as it is comfortable.
  • Raise the upper body again. Relax for a short while in Vajrāsana and repeat the exercise.
  • At the end take the thumbs away and rest the head on the hands. Relax for a while in this position.
  • Come upright again and sit in a comfortable position. For ten minutes bring your concentration to the eyebrow centre – where your thumbs were resting. Feel and observe this point no matter what emotions, images or phenomena appear there.
  • Observe every thought; do not push away any thought. Analyse everything that surfaces. Ask yourself why, exactly, do these thoughts come to you or cross your mind. Observe and examine, but do not make any judgement in the sense of good or bad.
  • Relax and look at the inner space behind your forehead (Chidākāsha), which lies before you in a deep blue or dark violet colour.
  • Now imagine an eye there that looks at you with kindness and love. This gentle and loving eye is the witness of all events. It is the eye of wisdom. It says to you: “I am your Self. You are in me and perceive the truth through me.”
  • Now switch positions and look through this eye at your inner space.
  • Everything before you is totally clear. You see the film of your entire existence through this eye. Without words your questions are answered, your inner problems resolved.
  • Allow your inner eye to observe everything. Whatever appears has something to do with your thoughts and emotions. Look with kindness and understanding on your own reality. (It can also happen that nothing appears and you simply feel relaxed, happy and contented. Simply allow whatever comes to come.)
  • The eye that you see in your inner space is the eye of your Ātmā. In it you recognise the reflection of the Divine Self - kindness, love, harmony, wisdom, clarity, peace, contentment and absolute certainty.
  • For you it is as though you have removed the veils of delusion. You see the reality. The entire Universe radiates through this eye – completely pure and innocent. This eye has always observed you – it is the witness of your life from the beginning up until now.
  • Your inner space is totally clear and filled with light. Shūnyākāsha (empty space) is filled with consciousness and Ānanda, bliss.
  • Sometimes you look through the eye, other times you see it in front of you. It seems very familiar and you would like to unite with it completely.
  • End the meditation by becoming aware of your body and your surroundings again.
  • Sing OM three times and bend forward in gratitude before the Ātmā, the Divine Consciousness, through whose eye you were allowed to look in this meditation.

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