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Anahata Chakra - Heart Center

The perfect awakening of self-realization takes place through love

Concentration on the Space within the Heart – Hridayākāsha Dhārāna

  • Sit in a comfortable meditation position. Close your eyes and relax. Repeat your Guru Mantra or, if you have no Guru Mantra, the Mantra SO HAM.
  • During the entire practice remain as an observer of any feelings, thoughts and images that arise. Do not judge or push anything away, but rather try to understand and analyse everything that comes. You are standing outside all sensations and impressions purely as a witness.
  • Imagine a light within your heart. Allow it to expand and become stronger until it fills your whole inner space.
  • Now allow this light to radiate outwards. See yourself as light in the darkness.
  • With your consciousness go deeply within your heart. With your feelings, your thoughts, your whole being, get in touch with your Heart Chakra – be completely within your heart. Your heart is like an infinite ocean. Dive deeply within your heart and observe the beauty of your inner world. You may possibly see different colours, symbols, landscapes or images that you have not previously seen. Observe everything that comes, and continue to go deeper and deeper into your inner space.
  • In the depths of your heart you feel warmth and a stream of love. Open yourself to these feelings, accept them as a part of your own Self. Simultaneously you become aware of another feeling awakening – indescribable joy. You feel full of joy and would like to express and give this joy to everyone. Allow the joyful energy to rise like a fountain in the space of your heart (Hridayākāsha) and radiate outwards.
  • Search in the depths of your heart for even more beautiful experiences and qualities. Give the energy that you have aroused a direction and a goal. For example, direct the stream of your feelings to a person you would like to do something good for. Request God’s help and support.
  • But do not lose yourself in the sea of emotions. Always remain aware of yourself.
  • You are in the space of your heart, the inner temple that is the home of your soul and your true home. It is full of light and celestial music, and the fragrance of bliss, love and freedom flow through it.
  • With joy and love feel the presence of the Divine in your heart.
  • Many experiences await you in the space of your heart. Sometimes it is stormy there – emotions exploding with thunder and lightening; and other times everything is peaceful and clear like a cloudless sky.
  • Relax and do not be afraid. There is no reason and nothing to be worried about in the union with the Divine Self.
  • Constantly repeat your Mantra and dive even more deeply into your heart. Give to others some of your inner beauty. Discard all thoughts and feelings that are in any way hostile to yourself or others, and give love, understanding, forgiveness, devotion, clarity and warmth. The one who gives receives. Feel rich through the giving.
  • If you are unable to feel or see anything, do not be disappointed or disturbed. Direct your consciousness to the centre of the chest and simply be there with pure feelings, free of doubt and certain that God will help you to open your Anāhata Chakra.
  • Allow the breath to flow freely and quietly and relax body and mind. Feel how the inhalation and exhalation touch the heart. The inhalation brings a feeling of expansion and warmth, and the exhalation engenders a feeling of radiation and giving. Feel the omnipresent power of love.
  • Be certain that you are capable of loving, forgiving and giving. You are conscious of a deep, inner desire to realise these qualities within yourself. Relax. Have no expectations; simply be there in the space of your heart. Think of a prayer, a beautiful poem, a symbol, word or experience ….. and suddenly the key that opens your inner vault will be there.
  • May God open your heart wide so that you are able to give everything. You do not need to give up anything or withdraw from anything. Merge with everything and feel that you are one with your Self. You are a part of everything and everything is a part of you.
  • Before you leave the temple of your heart wish for something good and beautiful. Make a resolution that all the wonderful qualities and abilities that you have recognised within yourself will manifest and become visible in your daily life. Become aware of how your Sankalpa (wish) is already beginning to fulfil itself.
  • Allow the divine light of your heart to radiate for the joy and benefit of all. Feel pure devotion and love. Perhaps you hear God’s voice, feel His blessing or see His form. Whatever you experience in this moment is God. He comes to you in various forms. Do not suppress your feelings. Allow the love in your heart to flow to all living beings. Open your heart to the infinite. Do not have any fears that you will lose anything. Give everything and feel how the spring of love within you constantly becomes stronger and greater.
  • Slowly return to the external world again. Feel your body. Be conscious of the room in which you are sitting. Thank your Divine Self for the time you were allowed to spend with it.
  • Sing OM three times and end the meditation with the Mantra:


May all be happy
May all be free of sorrow
May all be favoured by fortune
May no-one be unhappy
OM Peace Peace Peace

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