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Exercises for the Bindu Chakra

The following Āsanas activate the Bindu Chakra and balance physical functions

In all these postures Ujjāyī Prānāyāma and Khecharī Mudrā can be performed at the same time with concentration on the Bindu Chakra. Viparītkaranī Mudrā is particularly effective when combined with the following breathing exercise:

  • Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth 15 times.
  • Then guide the consciousness from the Manipūra to the Bindu Chakra with the inhalation and from the Bindu to the Manipūra with the exhalation for 15 minutes.

Another technique for activating the Bindu Chakra is to allow 1-2 litres of lukewarm water flow over the Bindu Chakra. This is best done in the morning with a jug, or under the shower. The water temperature should be about 39°C in winter and 35°C in summer. At the same time chant the Gāyatrī Mantra 5 times:


Let us meditate on the wondrous and blessed light of the Divine that resides within our hearts.
May it awaken all our qualities, guide our intellect and rapidly enlighten our reason.


Religious and cultural customs often have a practical background. In India one can sometimes see men who have allowed a thin strand of hair to grow at the back of the head which is then twisted and knotted. This is known as BRAHMAGHATA. It creates pressure on the scalp, similar to acupressure, stimulating nerves and glands, and promoting activation of the Bindu Chakra.

Those who lack energy, feel constantly tired or suffer from feelings of helplessness should tie a Brahmaghata and concentrate on the Bindu Chakra. Within a few days the invigorating effect of the Chakra becomes obvious. This measure is also beneficial for headaches and improves vision. To begin with, while the Chakra is still “hard”, the constant pull on the scalp can be rather uncomfortable. After a while the tension eases, the nectar begins to drip and the pleasant energy of the Bindu Chakra begins to spread.

Or, instead, one can daily massage the scalp in the region of the Bindu Chakra with gentle, circular movements using sandalwood paste or oil, in the morning and evening.

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