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Meditation Practice for Awakening the Mūlādhāra Chakra

  • Exhale and, without breathing, perform Āshvinī Mudrā twice.
  • Inhale and be aware of how a current of energy rises along the spinal column.
  • Again perform Āshvinī Mudrā twice without breathing, and then exhale.
  • Feel how the energy spreads through the whole body and tensions dissolve.

Perform this exercise for 5 minutes.

  • Relax and feel the after effects of the exercise for a few minutes.
  • Throughout the exercise remain as an observer, without judgement and without losing yourself in the feelings as they surface. Feel how the waves of energy rise within the body and how they gently spread. Feel an inner purification and be aware of your inner light.
  • Now direct your consciousness to the centre of your chest. Feel peace and love. Open your heart and feel all living things as a part of your own Self. Feel how the stream of energy that rises from the Mūlādhāra Chakra awakens very pleasant feelings within you. See within your inner space a red light – the colour of the sunset or the embers of a fire. Recognise that you, yourself, are the mid-point from which this light radiates. Bring your most beautiful thoughts and feelings to this expression and allow it to radiate out into the Universe with a feeling of deep love, warmth and bliss.
  • Slowly bring your awareness back to your body.
  • Inhale deeply and sing OM three times.
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